Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum 

best hardwood floor stick vacuum

1Maintained hardwood floor is a comparatively hard task because of the hardwood floor more sensitive than then other floors. Proper vacuum selection keeps the floor clean and shiny. If you choose a perfect vacuum for the hardwood floor it’s helping much maintain the floor. Here we select the best hardwood floor stick vacuum that makes the cleaning task easy and effective.

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Choose Vacuum For Hardwood Floor 

Hardwood floor vacuums are special than any other vacuum, this vacuum removes dust and dirt without scratching the floor surface. Hardwood floor vacuum wheels made of rubber instead of plastic and most of the vacuum attachment made of microfiber pads. Beater bar also safe floor from scratch of the surface.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floor 

Name Type Rating

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless

Shark 3.8

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum



Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752) Upright Vacuum

Shark 4.4

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum

Upright 3.9

Dirt Devil SD20505 Powe


 Dirt Devil 4.1


1.Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum


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Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner keeps a hardwood floor clean and shiny. This vacuum excellent cleaning performance both carpets and bare floors. Large dirt cup store huge amount of dirt and easy to empty dirt cup, powerful suction and picks up pet hairs easily from floor surfaces. Versatile, portable and lightweight and weighs 7.5 pounds. When battery full if not unplugged it will not badly affect battery performance. This vacuum also expert cleaning pet hair and keep home air fresh.


  • Cleaning path more than 10 inches.
  • Battery time 12 minutes for carpet and 17 minutes for the bare floor.
  • Lightweight and weigh only 7.5 pounds.’
  • Easily clean large rooms and tight areas.
  • Excellent cleaning performance on hardwood floors and carpet.


  • Battery indicator present.
  • A filter is washable.
  • Warranty 1 year.


  • No HEPA filter.

2.Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floor


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Shark Rocket HV322 is an upright vacuum excellent performance that removes pet hair and keeps air allergy-free. Quickly convert into the handheld vacuum and expert clean strain. A large dust cup picks up and stores huge amounts of dust without emptying dirt cup. Small particle and fine dust clean easily using LED light while vacuuming home. This vacuum removes dust from tight area and also remove spots from the floor, strong suction power and never lose suction.


  • Different types of cleaning attachments available with this vacuum. Like: crevice tool, dust removes brush and microfiber pad.
  • Large dust cup and easy to empty dust cup.
  • Never loss suction.


  • The LED light helps to clean fine dust.
  • 30 feet cord length.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Excellent performance cleaning pet hair.


  • Not suitable for cleaning large areas.

3.Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752) Upright Vacuum Best Wood Floor Vacuum


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Controlled with the touch button, Powered Lift-Away used this vacuum and clean deeply corner zones of the home. LED lights available in this vacuum that help pick up fine dust. HEPA filter fully sealed and trap allergy particles from the air and keep air allergy-free, so that this vacuum suitable or allergy sufferer person. This vacuum excellent cleaning performance hardwood floor, carpet, and furniture.


  • The sealed HEPA filter and trap allergy particles.
  • LED light available.
  • The expert removes pet hair from the floor.
  • Cord length of 30 feet.
  • Vacuum attachment is available. Like :

                           1. Upholstery Tool

                           2. Motorized Brush

                           3. Crevice Tool


  • The excellent cleaning performance of hard-to-reach areas.
  • LED light makes an easy cleaning task.
  • Expert to remove pet hair.
  • Easy to the empty dirt cup.


  • Dirt cup is small.
  • Vacuum operating sound loud.

4. Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum


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Choose Kenmore Elite 31150 vacuum and say goodbye dust, dirt, pet hair from home, this bagged upright vacuum makes home allergy-free. Carpet, hardwood floor easily deep clean with this vacuum, also control suction when need. Expert to clean hard to reach the area, beneath of furniture and bed. Dirt Sensor show red LED light when focus on dirt and after cleaning area green LED light show. Excellent cleaning performance in window t, ceiling to fan area, this vacuum better for allergy suffer people. The HEPA filter is sealed and trap pet hair, dust, and allergy particle fro air.


  • Remove allergy particles from the air.
  • An LED light indicates the dust area.
  • The HEPA filter traps pet hair and allergy from the air.
  • Include Cleaning attachment. Like extension wand, crevice tool, and brush.
  • Strong suction power and never lose suction.


  • Cord length 35 feet.
  • Remove debris from furniture, stairs, hardwood floor easily.
  • The HEPA filter traps 99.7% dust from the air.
  • Clean area width 12.75 inches.
  • Easy to store to maintenance.


  • Comparatively heavyweight.

5. Dirt Devil SD20505 Powe Best  Vacuum For Hardwood Floor



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Dirt Devil SD20505 Powe is vacuum perfect for removing dust, dirt quickly from the hardwood floor. Cyclonic Filtration system clean floor fast and effectively, never lose suction power. Easy to empty dirt cup an, different cyclonic clean is available. Like: Single cyclonic and Center Dirt Path. Expert cleaning hard to reach area and tight area, better to clean hardwood floor.


  • Powerful cyclonic design makes the cleaning task easy and effective.
  • Lightweight design and easy to storage.
  • Less noisy and comparatively low price.
  • Safe for hardwood floor and no scratch create on the surface.
  • Cleaning path 11 inch and cover more area.


  • Cord length 20 Feet.
  • Easy to the empty dirt cup.
  • Lightweight and weigh less than 7 pounds.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Battery power 10 Amp.
  • 2 years warranty,


  • No LED light.


Our top selected product will help you clean the floor without creating no scratch on the floor surface. This vacuum also expert clean stairs, furniture, upholstery and pet hair, some special vacuum removes allergy from the air and keeps home allergy-free.

Some question

  1. Which Dyson stick vacuum is best for hardwood floors?

Answer: Top Dyson stick vacuum best for hardwood floors:

  • Shark IonFlex DuoClean Vacuum.
  • Eureka NEC122A PowerPlush vacuum.
  • Shark ION Ultralight Vacuum.
  • Dyson V7 Cord-Free Vacuum.
  • Dyson V10 Vacuum.
  • Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum.
  • Bissell Power Pet Stick Vacuum.
  • Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum

2. Which cordless stick vacuum is best?

Answer: Best cordless stick vacuum:

  • BLACK+DECKER Cordless 2-N-1 Stick VacuumDyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum
  • Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil Versa 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute
  •  Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • MOOSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

3. Is Dyson v8 safe for hardwood floors?


Dyson v8 is the most popular vacuum still now because of it’s strong suction power, continuous 40 minutes runtime. This vacuum safe for hardwood floors easily converts into a handheld vacuum. Excellent performance cleaning pet hair and keep home allergy-free. This vacuum best choose for asthma and allergy suffering person.

4. Can we use the vacuum cleaner on wood floors?

Answer: Use a vacuum cleaner daily cleaning the wood floor, a vacuum cleaner is safe for the wood floor. Regular vacuuming keeps the wood floor shiny and long life. Never use a steam mop on the wood floor because of steam mop is not able to clean the floor.




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