Best Way To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

Best Way To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

WeatherTech floor mat protects the car floor from dust, debris and crack and also gives good looking for your car. WeatherTech floor mat does not need greate maintenance just follow some tips that help you to keep the floor neat and clean. If you have a garden hose you can easily clean up mats and if you stay on appointment use bathtub clean floor mats. In this article, we discuss the best way to clean WeatherTech floor mats.

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Use hose clean floor mats

1. Shake mats gently:

The car floor mat becomes messy because of mud, salt, sand and anything else. After bringing out mats from car shake mat gently so that loose dust and small particle dropdown.

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Use hose clean dirt:

If you have garden hose spray nozzle use this wash away dust from the mat. If you have no hose take a damp sponge to clean up the dust from the mat.

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3. Make scrub clean up mat:

Make a liquid solution of liquid soap water, mix solution take cloth or brush scrub mats, scrub both sides of mats. Never use harsh mat cleaner they will crake mats or damage mat surface.  The silicone-based cleaner also not suitable for WeatherTech Floor Mats because it makes the floor slippery.

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4. Make dry Floor Mat:

After complete scrub work again uses hose clean up soap properly. You can use a dry towel to remove excess water from the mat or air dry mat. Check properly before reinstall mat on the car. Here we shear a vedio which help you clean weather tech floor mats

Use a bathtub clean floor mat

1. Shake mat properly:

After removing retention hooks from mats shake floor mat so that dust cleans up. You can use dry cloth or sponge to remove dust from the mat.

Best Way To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

2. Use soapy water in bathtub clean mat:

In this cleaning process fill up the half bathtub with water and few drops mild dish. Never use a harsh cleaner that damage mat and silicone-based products make mat slippery.

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3. Soak up mats on bathtub:

When you have no garden hose soak up mats on the bathtub. If the mat is soo messy then soak up it at least one hour and scrub with sponge both sides of the sponge. If dirt stays after bathtub cleaning again wash the mat with clean water. Remove excess water with a dry cloth or let air dry mat.


Cleaning  WeatherTech Floor Mats is not a very hard task, just you need to follow the perfect cleaning process and which product suitable for WeatherTech Floor Mats.

Some Questions 

  1. Can you pressure wash WeatherTech mats?

Answer: Garden hose spray nozzle useful to remove dirt from the mat. Pressure wash very effectively to remove dirt from the mat. So that you can use pressure wash WeatherTech mats.

  1. How do you clean WeatherTech car mats?

Answer: Cleaning technique of  WeatherTech car mats:

  • After removing mats from the car shake it gently so that loose particle dropdown.
  • If you have garden hose spray nozzle use it washes away excess dirt from the mat.
  • Make a solution with soapy detergent and water, apply the solution with cloth on mat.
  • Never use harsh cleaning products on WeatherTech car mats.
  • After a clean mat wipes down  it with dry towel.
  1. Can you use Armor All on WeatherTech floor mats?


Armor All not suitable for WeatherTech floor mats, because of it’s make floor mats slippery. So it’s better not to use this kind of product.




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