How To Clean Polyurethane Floors

How To Clean Polyurethane Floors

Polyurethane floor becomes popular because this floor is durable, strong, non-slippery and needs little maintenance. Cleaning Polyurethane floor is not very hard task, polyurethane floor cleaning process is different than concrete or epoxy floor. Here we discuss how to clean water based polyurethane floors.

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Clean wood Polyurethane floor

1. Vacuum for regularly:

Vacuum floor regularly that suck up dirt, dust, small particle from floor. Use vacuum without betar bar, because it’s scratch on floor surface. Use vacuum which is specially made for wood floor. If you want not to use vacuum you can use rotation brush instead of vacuum cleaner. Vacuum’s brush can be used cleaning floor, sweep or mop floor also help to remove dust from floor.

2. Clean up spills: 

Hardwood Polyurethane floor is more sensitive than any other floor. Clean up spills with damp cloth, if not remove spills apply this process several times. If spills do not remove use glass cleaner, rinse floor with dry cloth after remove stain.

3. Clean floor with dish soap:

When floor becomes more messy use dish soap clean floor. Mix up one cup dish soap with full bucket of water. Mop floor with this solution, make sure no excess water stays on floor. Change water when it gets dirty, use dry towel remove excess water.

Cleaning process of Polyurethane concrete floor

1. Vacuum concrete floor:

Polyurethane concrete floor is more strong, durable, resist at high temperatures than any other floor. This floor used in industrial area, commercial place, so that this vacuum need strong suction power vacuum. Before mop concrete Polyurethane floor vacuum floor first that makes your work easy and fast. When vacuum floor use brush attachment that help floor from scratch.

2. Clean spills from surface:

Remove spills from floor use damp cloth as soon as it occurs. If spills tough to remove than use glass cleaner remove spill.

How To Clean Polyurethane Floors

3. Use dish soap deep clean:

When Polyurethane concrete floors need deep clean use dish soap with water. Pure one cup of dish soap one bucket of water, mop floor with this solution. Ensure solution not dry on floor, after clean floor mop floor with plain water. If you want clean grease spills use ¼ cup ammonia with one gallon of water. Never use bleach or acidic floor cleaner on surface because this cleaner may scratch surface or fade floor color.


Some caution should follow when clean hardwood Polyurethane floors. Orange glow not suitable for hardwood polyurethane floors. Because it’s an acrylic cleaner that fade floor color. Not use murphy’s oil on floor, it’s not able to clean surface. Vinegar is harsh cleaner for hardwood floors and not stem on hardwood Polyurethane floors. Stem mop when cool turn into water and it’s not able to dust from floor surface.

Some questions

1. How do you clean polyurethane floors?

Answer: Here are some tips to clean polyurethane floors:

  • floor regularly that suck up small dirt, dust from floor.
  • can use round mop instead of vacuuming.
  • damp cloth remove spills.
  • floor becomes more dirty use dish soap and water clean floor.
  • use bleach, vinegar on polyurethane floors.
  1. Is water based polyurethane as good as oil based?

Answer: Water-based polyurethane floor gives excellent shine on floor and it’ less odor than oil-based. It’s easy to clean up and maintenance from oil-based polyurethane floor. Water-based polyurethane is easy to recoat within two hours and clean with water. So that water based polyurethane good then oil based polyurethane. 

3. How long does it take for water based polyurethane to dry on hardwood floors?

Answer: Water based polyurethane floor dry 70°F which is depend on humidity. Water-based polyurethane dries within 1-2 hours after application and ready for use after 24 hours after application.



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