How To Clean Rubber Flooring

How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine

Rubber floor is durable and mostly uses in high traffic areas like hospitals, commercial space. It needs little maintenance and most of the liquids do not stain the rubber floor. It’s hard to damage rubber floor with physical impact, regular cleaning floor help to maintain the new look of the floor. In this article, we discuss how to make rubber floor mats shine.

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Maintain routine clean

1. Vacuum floor gently:

Vacuum floor regular basis, regular vacuum pick up pet hair, small dirt, dust from home. Lots of messy makes floor dirty and also fade floor glossy.

2. Mop floor with warm water:

Make a solution with ¼ cup dish soap and one gallon of warm water. Mix this solution properly and mop the floor with this solution. Not mop floor with a steam mop, change the water when getting dirty.

3. Let the area air dry:

Not need to remove excess water with dry cloth or towel, rubber floor less absorb water or any liquid solution. Let the wet area air dry, open your window for proper ventilation.

How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine

4. Avoid harsh floor cleaner:

Acidic floor cleaner, not a suitable flor rubber cleaner, it damages the floor surface. Harsh floor cleaner fades floor color or cracks floor surface. Detergent soap and water solution can be used regularly clean floor it’s no side effect.

5. No need a clean floor after installation:

After installation rubber floor needs time to set up and this time floor is soft and weak bonding. So no need to clean the rubber floor within 72 hours after installation.

Remove stains from rubber floor

1. Make a solution with vinegar and water:

Remove tough stain from the floor makes a solution with the same amount of vinegar and water. Mix the solution properly and apply the floor with a cloth. After complete remove stain let the area air dry.

2. Remove oil-based stain with turpentine:

Oil-based stain tough to remove than any other stain, so it needs the strong cleaner to remove. Turpentine acts strong stain removal, able to remove the oil-based stain. Take 3 spoon Turpentine on the stain, turpentine is highly toxic so need caution before use. Use hand gloves on use turpentine and keep away your pet and children when using turpentine.

3. Remove paint stains with paint thinner:

When a paint stain occurs remove it with paint thinner. Wear hand gloves when applying thinner on the stain. Take a clean cloth and wipe the stain with thinner, after complete remove stain mop area with warm water and dish soap. Not need to remove excess water with a towel, let the area air dry.

How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine

Enhance floor lifespan:

Always try to keep the floor neat and clean, excess messy will scratch the floor surface and fade floor color. Mop floor with dish soap and warm water at least once a week.


Many performance advantages are using the rubber floor, some people not like using the rubber floor. Rubber floor is low-cost installation and maintenance, this floor suitable for all purposes.

Some questions:

1. How can I make my rubber floor shine?

Answer: Follow these tips make rubber floor shine:

  • Vacuum or sweep floor regularly.
  • Make a solution with dish soap and warm water, mop floor with this solution after mop let the area air dry.
  • Always avoid harsh cleaner it will fade floor color.
  • Not need clean floor within 72 hours after installation.
  • Use the same amount of vinegar and water to remove stain from the floor.
2. How do you shine rubber car mats?

Answer: Some tips shine rubber car mats:

  • Sweep floor regularly.
  • Make a solution with liquid dish soap, rubber floor cleaner and warm water, mix solution properly and apply on mats.
  • After complete the mop work wipe area with a damp rag.
  • Try always to keep the floor neat and clean.
3. How do you make WeatherTech mats shiny?


  • Different types of dirt and dust stay on mats, shake mats so that dirt dropdown.
  • Use the hose and spray nozzle so that dirt wash way.
  • Make a scrub with dish soap and mild-warm water soak up the cloth and make scrub on the floor, after air dry wipes down mats.
4. What is the best way to clean rubber car mats?


Car mats become messy because of lots of dust, oil grease. Normal rubber cleaner not able to clean mats car mats needs a special cleaner to clean mats. After pull out, car mats shake it gently excess dust clean up this shake. Use a hose to spray water on mats then use Meguiars Super Degreaser, take brush spread this on mats after sometimes wash mats. Then use Griots Garage Rubber Cleaner and use brush spread this on mats, after several time wash mats. Then see your mats turn like new.



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